Prof. Luca CasettariUniversità di Urbino




Prof. Dritan HasaUniversità di Trieste




Prof. Cinzia PaganoUniversità di Perugia




Dr. Angela AbruzzoUniversità di Bologna






The development of age-appropriate and personalized formulations is still a necessity. Antibiotic medicines present a series of significant drawbacks due to the lack of specific studies in the different stages of the development of new oral dosage forms. Indeed, when it comes to therapeutic treatments it is nowadays widely accepted that the pediatric population has different needs from adults.

This project will explore and combine innovative strategies to obtain suitable oral antibiotic formulations, specifically designed for various pediatric age groups, through the advancement of new approaches for personalized medicine.

The goal is improving safety, efficacy, and acceptability, thus fulfilling specific pharmaceutical requirements such as bioavailability, dose uniformity, ease and safe administration.

p3Diatrics will impact current clinical scenarios by providing personalized therapies that, combined with an innovative approach from the materials science and formulation technology fields, represent an important step forward for the improvement of pharmacological compliance in pediatric antibiotic treatments.


Industrial interest

MB Therapeutics